Why abortion is promoted as a “justifiable homicide” in Latin America and why the prolife movement should take notice

While in the US prolife groups use the moral argument that abortion takes a life of a child as of yet abortionists do not generally accept that a life is at stake. On the other hand, in Latin America, abortionists have little qualms is claiming that the rights of the mother supersedes the right of the child. [i]

This is significant for American prolifers. First, many prolife groups have been working to pass laws that would recognize that a life is created at conception or that recognize the fetus is a person. The understanding is the passage of any such laws would cause legal abortion to fall based on the understanding that abortion is incompatible with laws that recognize that a child’s life is at stake. This is because abortion would then be deemed a case of a legal “justifiable homicide” of an innocent person, which is implausible in today’s day and age.

Nonetheless, many prolife groups in the US don’t realize that Catholic countries in Latin America have not only had “Human Life Laws” for many decades but also are part of a legal tradition where Catholic doctrine is used in the absence of formulated civil code and as such can rightfully claim a legal precedence of considering abortion as a homicide stretching back 2000 years. So if abortionists are able to convince a Latin American country to allow on demand abortion with the existence of Human Life laws this can be used as legal precedence to not only thwart any future Human Life laws that are passed in the US but to also shore up the legal defense of Roe v. Wade if it is ever challenged.

The logical question is what can be done? Prolife groups need to point out the fact that while abortionist groups in the US will rarely admit an abortion takes a human life in Latin America these same groups have no problem in trying to convince the local populaces that a mother has the right to kill her child. This will soundly undermine abortionists moral credibility and any pseudo scientific arguments regarding when human life begins, after all if the same abortionists recognize that a life is in stake in Latin America they are obligated to do the same in the US. Also, prolifers can use the recent revelation that the UN’s illegal abortion estimates for Latin America are fraudulent and point out to abortionists that they are directly responsible for the deaths of American children at rates only seen during WWII and that this is not happening in Latin American countries. These points not only defeat any moral authority that abortionists pretend to have by their own measure but also is a severe blow to secularism in general. See more detailed discussion of this topic in our upcoming book “Justifiable Homicide”.

[i] Victor Alvarez, Viabilidad jurídica de una Guía Técnica para la interrupción terapéutica del embarazo, despenalizacion.org.ar, accessed October 2, 2015, http://www.despenalizacion.org.ar/pdf/publicaciones/viabilidad_juridica_peru.pdf