The Pro-life Community, the Guttmacher Institute and the UN

What could the Pro-life community, the Guttmacher Institute and the United Nations possibly have in common?

“Official” UN Illegal abortion estimates.

More precisely, the Guttmacher Institute is the primary source of illegal abortion estimates for the United Nations, and is an official partner of the UN’s World Health Organization regarding published illegal abortion rates, with the pro-life community’s de facto “approval” – based on the observation that the pro-life community has not challenged these illegal abortion estimates to any great degree.

This apparent unspoken support by the pro-life community of the Guttmacher Institute is surrealistic to say the least given the latter was created by Planned Parenthood to produce “statistics” to support the justification of abortion. These statistics were initially focused on the need for family planning, but later would include illegal abortion estimates as part of a strategy to not only support efforts to defeat any challenges to legal abortion but also to justify the spread of legalized abortion as a means of reducing supposed high illegal abortion rates. Inflated Illegal abortion estimates have long been used very effectively by eugenists to justify the legalization of abortion (since at least the late 1800’s) and were influential in Russia’s decision to legalize abortion in 1920 and well as the Roe v. Wade decision, as evidenced by the reference to the Model Penal code in the official Supreme Court opinion. The Model Penal Code has multiple references to inflated illegal abortion estimates (mostly from the eugenics community) as justification of the liberalization of abortion laws.

Nonetheless, the Guttmacher Institute’s illegal abortion estimates are not any more credible than those of it’s parent organization, Planned Parenthood, as clearly shown in the analysis provided by the Orthodox Human Rights Foundation as well as the Melisa Institute. While the recent realization that the Guttmacher Institute’s current illegal abortion rates are not compatible with historical fertility and homicide rates may not be common knowledge among the pro-life community there is still the uncomfortable fact that the Guttmacher Institute was formed by Planned Parenthood with a very specific purpose in mind, to support abortion, and yet this unbelievable fact has been largely ignored over the years.

The question of how the pro-life community has ignored the severe conflict of interests of the Guttmacher Institute acting as the only source of illegal abortion estimates for the United Nations is partially understandable given that the discussion revolving around illegal abortion estimates has been dominated by eugenists since almost the very beginning of the emergence of abortion as a social blight in the 1800’s. In fact by the time demographics started coalescing into a semi-discipline in the mid 20th century, eugenists had already embedded themselves in this new field, as clearly evidenced by a well known influential eugenist demographics organization created during this time period, the “Population Council” (originally known as the “Committee on Maternal Health” which had close associations with Margaret Sanger). The Population Council was originally funded by the Rockefeller family, a well known supporter of eugenics causes. The domination of depopulationists in the field of demographics continues to this day, as evidenced by the observation that the majority of demographic institutions support population control, this in spite of the acknowledged failure of every overpopulation prediction since the 19th century not to mention the uncomfortable truth that once a society embraces birth control it also embraces the well known “demographic winter” and it’s obligatory economic failure due to the fact the there is no way to turn back from “reproductive health” policies.

In summary, with the recent revelation that the Guttmacher Institute’s illegal abortion estimates are grossly inflated there is no longer any reason for the pro-life community not to challenge the Guttmacher Institute’s status as the sole source of illegal abortion estimates for the world. Once this important step is taken the real impact of legal abortion will be revealed, thus setting the stage for abortion’s international recognition as as an immoral and unsustainable policy, and subsequently its eventual and inevitable fall.