Ireland and Catholic countries are the key for abolishing worldwide abortion

The Republic of Ireland and other Catholic countries are the key to abolishing abortion worldwide.

As of yet no Catholic country has recognized their unique position in the world and effectively challenged the legality of abortion in international courts. However, Catholic countries now have the means of which to effectively challenge the legality of abortion anywhere in the world.

The recent revelation that the United Nations illegal abortion estimates for Catholic countries are extremely exaggerated proves that Catholic countries have the lowest abortion rates in the world. Furthermore, recognizing that Catholic countries have an unbroken legal precedence of almost 2000 years due to the Catholic Church’s unwavering stance regarding abortion as homicide and Catholic countries have every right to demand that abortion rates be included in the United Nations official homicide statistics. The implication are not only do Catholic countries have the lowest illegal abortion rates but they also have the lowest homicide rates as well, by a great margin in fact. Also, with the realization that illegal abortion rates hover at normal homicide rates and the clear implication is that countries that have legal abortion are currently killing their citizens at rates much higher than WWII, something that has never been witnessed in history.

The mere act of Catholic countries demanding the United Nations to recognize their right to include abortion in the homicide statistics will cause abortion to be addressed in international courts, something every abortionist proponent dreads. Furthermore,  in the event that the United Nations declines to address this issue Catholic nations can still publish their own official statistics, which would be quite effective. After all Catholic countries’ legal precedence and Human Life laws cannot be effectively challenged and as such countries that have legal abortion run the risk of being labeled as permitting the legal justifiable homicide of its citizens at rates only seen during major world wars. This would indeed force countries to address the serious problem of abortion given the foreign policy depends to a great degree on the perception of moral authority.

Below is a chart with the “Actual Homicide Rate” for selected countries. The actual rate includes legal and illegal abortions. “PAR” signifies “Population Abortion Rates” which are derived from published abortion rates converted to the demographic standard of incidences per 100,000 population. Rates are based on available statistics from the period 2003 to 2006.